The Louisville Memorial Auditorium offers rich history and architectural beauty, while offering modern conveniences

Louisville Memorial Auditorium was created through the outgrowth of two movements — for a public auditorium and as a memorial to commemorate the local community who served in World War I. 

The Greek Revival building was designed by internationally renowned architect, Thomas Hastings, who was assisted by Louisville architect E.T. Hutchings. It was dedicated on Memorial Day, May 30, 1929. It has been designated a landmark by the Louisville Landmarks Commission and is also on the National Register of Historic Places.

We host a variety of concerts, stage productions, graduations, meetings, presentations and dance recitals & competitions.

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970 S. Fourth Street
Louisville, KY 40203
(502) 584-4911


  • Quiet Hollers New Album “Forever Chemicals” premiered last week with rave reviews.  Songwriter, Shadwick Wilde, and his band shot the music video for their fourth studio album at the auditorium.  The uniqueness of the historic performance hall provided a background for “Addicted,” featuring Scott Carney of Wax Fang who also directed the video.  Video

  • CloZet Confession” makes its stage debut in Louisville, KY at the auditorium on Saturday, April 16th 2022 at 6:30 p.m. for an evening of awareness concerning domestic violence, bullying, human trafficking, mental illness, gun violence and most importantly, a message of healing. The production is filled with drama and comedy from start to finish, while delivering heartfelt passionate performances.  Tickets are on sale at Better Days West and Eventbite.

  • Just in time for the holidays and as the year comes to an end, enjoy the auditorium’s Foundation “Winter” Newsletter!” Newsletter

  • The multi-year preservation project for the historic Pilcher Pipe Organ began.  A matching grant from the Wyncote Foundation, as well as other generous contributions, make the work possible.   Additional donations continue to be accepted for the mission to ensure future generations have an opportunity to hear the magnificent sounds of the unique instrument. Press Release

  • Annual fundraising campaign kicks off with presenting a request to the Louisville METRO Council budget committee handling fund distribution from the (ARP) American Rescue Plan.  The focus is to invest in the community’s only public auditorium and WWI War Memorial honoring veterans from Jefferson County and Louisville communities.  The auditorium has not received any major upgrades since the 1954 renovation.  Such an investment would preserve the historic multi-purpose facility for future generations. Youtube Video

  • Louisville Memorial Auditorium Foundation, Inc. was created as a fundraising non-profit organization focusing to preserve the facility, add modern heat and air systems, update the seating, lighting & sound systems and plaster repairs, while supporting the ongoing preservation of the Pilcher Pipe Organ and historic flag collection.